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  • [#PromiseConsulting] [#luxurylab] Hermès Unveils a New Address in Vancouver

    News provided by Hermes Canada inc. September 13 2019

    Hermès is delighted to open the doors of its new store in Vancouver at 717 Burrard Street. Just a few meters away from its former address, the 460 m² space presents a full transformation of Hermès' presence in Vancouver and reimagines the southwest corner of Burrard and West Georgia Streets.

    "This beautiful new store reflects the longstanding relationship between Hermès and Vancouver, which is built on shared values and a deep appreciation for innovation," said Jennifer Carter, President and CEO of Hermès Canada. "Nearly 25 years ago, we opened our first store in Vancouver, and today we're proud to unveil an enhanced retail experience that finds inspiration in the striking landscape, quality of living, and strength of spirit that defines Vancouver."

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  • [#PromiseConsulting] [#luxurylab] Yes, People Are Buying Couture for Babies. Here’s Why.

    China’s childrenswear market is outperforming both womenswear and menswear, and Dior, Gucci, Burberry and Fendi all want a slice of the $29 billion pie.

    SHANGHAI, China — At an appointment-only event for haute couture clients of Christian Dior in an elegant colonial-era Shanghai villa, the well-heeled ladies, celebrities and socialites in attendance come as no surprise.

    What is a little more surprising are the Mary Jane-clad showgoers at the collection just next door to Maria Grazia Chiuri’s latest offering — the diminutive customers of Baby Dior’s couture collection.

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  • [#Promiseconsulting][#luxurylab] Here’s How to Avoid the Luxury Industry’s Costliest Mistake

    Daniel Langer, Brand Contributor | Jing Daily

    Underestimating the fundamentals is death for a luxury brand. Almost daily, I see startling mistakes that cost brands millions of dollars in profits. And even worse, many of these significant mistakes weaken a brand’s overall equity, which hurts the company immeasurably over the long haul. But what exactly makes luxury such a tricky and volatile segment?


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  • [#LUXURYLAB] For #India's #HNI, Luxury homes are passé

    With the steady growth in the number of High Net-worth Individuals (HNIs) in the country, the concept of luxury homes is becoming passé. This is primarily because these individuals are well-versed with the international standards of luxury, and hence, the real estate industry is trying hard to catch up with these expectations. It is this changing landscape that has prompted the rise of ultra-luxury homes. via @QRIUS http://bit.ly/2Timv3D #Promiseconsulting #luxury #India


  • [#LUXURYLAB] Embattled railway in rural #Japan area seeks luxury cars from near #Tokyo

    An embattled train operator in Hokkaido will allow a railway company based in Tokyo to run a luxury train on its tracks, possibly next year, in a bid to attract wealthy and foreign tourists, according to people familiar with the plan. Hokkaido Railway Co., more widely known as JR Hokkaido, and Tokyu Corp. are in talks about the operation of Tokyu's Royal Express on routes in the northernmost main island of Japan via @Kyodonews  http://bit.ly/2FXnHXp