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4.l- Luxury

  • Il est urgent de repenser le concept de #MadeinFrance !

    Il est urgent de repenser le concept de #MadeinFrance pour le faire évoluer vers une approche novatrice.

    En tant que co-auteur de cette Tribune, que je vous invite à lire dans #stratégies, nous considérons que la #relocalisation et la #réindustrialisation doivent éviter deux écueils stratégiques :

    1- Le premier consiste à adopter systématiquement une stratégie axée sur la #montéeengamme pour compenser les coûts de production plus élevés en France. Cette approche ne peut s'appliquer qu'à une niche de #marché et convient à des #marques singulières, mais elle ignore les attentes (et les ressources) du marché de masse. De plus, elle repose sur l'illusion que nos concurrents mondiaux ne sont pas en mesure de reproduire cette stratégie, ce que la Chine dément quotidiennement.

    2- Le deuxième réside dans une #disruption factice, entretenue dans certains milieux urbanisés et aisés, mais déconnectée de la réalité et des besoins de la majorité des citoyens-consommateurs.

    Nous sommes intimement persuadés que si demain le Made in France s'incarne dans un #Madeinautrement, la France peut retrouver un rôle de premier plan dans la promotion d'une RSE débarrassée de ses mantras idéologiques pour incarner la réalité des territoires et des gens.

    Pour lire l'article dans son intégralité : [cliquer ici]

    Merci à Gilles WYBO et à Delphine Soulas-Gesson pour leur confiance.

    #france #rse #madeinfrance

  • Accused of bad taste by #Ferrari, #PhilippPlein is sentenced

    The story began in the summer of 2018 when Philipp Plein posted on Instagram a photo of his latest sneakers, placed on the back of his Ferrari 812 Superfast, dressed in chrome green. The picture is too many for the Italian manufacturer, tired of seeing the man highlight his cars in a bling-bling universe with short-dressed bimbos. At Ferrari, the legal department wrote a letter to the German fashion designer, based in California, ordering him to remove his photos within 48 hours.

    "In this image, the Ferrari brand is used to promote your brand and your products, with an illegal appropriation of its positive image. The Ferrari brand and models are associated in your images with a universe unrelated to Ferrari's image, in the presence of models with sexually suggestive poses, portraying Ferrari cars in bad taste". Philipp Plein deliberately ignored the injunction, believing that this photo, posted on his personal Instagram account (philippplein) and not that of the brand (philipppleinofficiel), was not intended to promote its products. In response, the fashion designer even asked his fans to post photos of their shoes on their luxury cars. With success!


  • [#Promiseconsulting] [#TheGoodCompany] The Good Proof


    The Consulting and Reasearch firm, Promise Consulting | Panel On The Web and The Good Company agency have launched a hybrid approach to serve brands and their CSR commitments.

    The Good Proof wants to combine the rigor of the quantitative approach, the expertise of the communication agency and qualitative introspection to answer to a simple question:


    Intermarché, Kadalys, Monabanq, VYV, and MON Group | Materne have already suscribed to this methodology to refine their communication and marketing strategy around societal and environmental commitments.




  • Is China’s Population Decline a Luxury Disaster?

    From Gemma A. Williams | October 2021

    While less pressure on natural resources and the environment means a shrinking population may have its benefits, its full impact on luxury remains to be seen. China accounts for 35 percent of global spending and is on track to become the biggest global luxury market by 2025. The sector is unlikely to feel any hit in the immediate short term, but with fewer people to sell to and a growing army of sophisticated local names on the horizon, many brands’ days are surely numbered.

    What Happened: According to new research, previously estimated rates of China’s demographic decline might have been severely miscalculated. In fact, the country’s population could halve within the next 45 years, warns a new study from Xian Jiaotong University. This number was based on the official birth rate of 1.3 children per woman last year (well below the figure that would safeguard the population of two per woman). China’s current population is over 1.4 billion, and the 2019 United Nations projection that the country would still have around 1.3 billion people by 2065 now looks to be incorrect. (...)

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