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  • [#PromiseConsulting] [#luxurylab] Yes, People Are Buying Couture for Babies. Here’s Why.

    China’s childrenswear market is outperforming both womenswear and menswear, and Dior, Gucci, Burberry and Fendi all want a slice of the $29 billion pie.

    SHANGHAI, China — At an appointment-only event for haute couture clients of Christian Dior in an elegant colonial-era Shanghai villa, the well-heeled ladies, celebrities and socialites in attendance come as no surprise.

    What is a little more surprising are the Mary Jane-clad showgoers at the collection just next door to Maria Grazia Chiuri’s latest offering — the diminutive customers of Baby Dior’s couture collection.

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  • [#Luxurylab] Italie : un redressement fiscal de plus de 1,4 milliard d’euros pour @Kering

    Kering risque un redressement fiscal d’environ 1,4 milliard d’euros en Italie, selon un premier « audit » rendu par les autorités fiscales de la péninsule. Celles-ci soupçonnent le géant français du luxe d’avoir déclaré en Suisse des activités menées en Italie, via sa filiale Luxury Goods International (LGI), pour bénéficier d’une fiscalité plus favorable via @LeMonde https://lemde.fr/2HA7qZL #luxury #Promiseconsulting

  • Gucci is 2016 Luxury Marketer of the Year | @Gucci @adetem

    Italian fashion label Gucci is Luxury Daily’s 2016 Luxury Marketer of the Year for its revamped advertising image under the creative direction of Alessandro Michele.

    Gucci won over first runner’s-up Chanel and second runner’s-up Burberry. All three brands were able to adapt and connect with a new generation of consumers while not losing focus on their luxury positioning.

    The Luxury Marketer of the Year award was decided based on luxury marketing efforts with impeccable strategy, tactics, creative, executive and results. All candidates selected by the Luxury Daily editorial team and from reader nominations had to have appeared in Luxury Daily coverage this year. Judging was based purely on merit.

    Gucci made over

    2016 marked the first full year with Mr. Michele at the head of Kering-owned Gucci. Aside shifting the brand’s apparel and accessories design, he has made his mark on the brand’s marketing, replacing an overt sex appeal with a more romantic femininity.

    This included a new effort for Gucci Guilty starring Jared Leto that portrayed a subtle sexuality (Gucci’s visual representation of fragrance hopes to shatter society norms) and ensemble runway collection campaigns shot in destinations such as Berlin, Tokyo and Britain’s Chatsworth House.

    gucci, cruise campaign, chatsworth house, luxury, luxury daily

    Playing off motifs created by Mr. Michele, Gucci unveiled a series of artistic initiatives that deconstructed these themes. Its customizable Ace Sneaker was the subject of creative short films, while its codes became the basis for a multiplatform project that spanned a physical space in Tokyo and online mediums (Gucci makes room for reinterpreting brand codes).

    Allowing consumers to put their own spin on these new icons of the brand, Gucci also launched customization programs for select products.

    During 2016, Gucci opened new headquarters in Milan, centralizing a number of operations in a repurposed aeronautical factory. This Gucci Hub will serve as a location for fashion shows and acts as a physical representation of its changing aesthetic (Gucci takes nontraditional office approach for multipurpose Milan headquarters).




  • The high-end luxury brands are catching on in China [#promise #fashion #luxury]

    Some say that when China sneezes the rest of the world catches cold, but the high end luxury brands are catching on in China, becoming the most exclusive and desirable ones in fashion according to the wealthiest Chinese women.

    Still, our ranking also reveals a stronger competition that is accentuated by the wealthy customers’ increasingly stronger maturity.

    Take 3 minutes to watch the Video Release by Pr Philippe Jourdan

    china, luxury, hermes, prada, chanel, louis vuitton, fashion, bnp, exane, promise, desirability, exclusivity

    Have a quick look at the Press release & the main insights

     china, luxury, hermes, prada, chanel, louis vuitton, fashion, bnp, exane, promise, desirability, exclusivity

    Download the infographics

    china, luxury, hermes, prada, chanel, louis vuitton, fashion, bnp, exane, promise, desirability, exclusivity

    The International luxury press echoes results: take a look

    china, luxury, hermes, prada, chanel, louis vuitton, fashion, bnp, exane, promise, desirability, exclusivity

    This barometer Promise Consulting / BNP Exane classifies the 15 most exclusive and desirable brands in China in the universe of feminine Fashion. This Barometer is conducted amongst the wealthiest Chinese women, and is about the 30 luxury brands in ready-to-wear/handbags/shoes/accessories that have invested the most in communication (source: Industry Interviews, Exane Paribas).

    Promise and BNP Exane already conducted the same survey amongst French wealthiest women in May 2015 (see: http://bit.ly/1ESTZGu).

    This barometer in association with BNP Exane reflects our determination to move closer to the marketing and cross-section financial analysis. Our Monitoring Brand Assets® approach itself features very complementary analyzes with those conducted by BNP Exane’s experts. Hence, the obtained results from our joined barometer are based on two different angles of expertise, marketing and financial, which brings a unique added value to the managers and decision-makers in the Luxury sector. More concretely, our measure of the exclusivity of a brand takes into account the upper and more constant quality of products, the strong and unique valuation of the customer, the brand’s prestige, but also a matchless “savoir-faire” that justifies a very high price premium associated with top luxury.

    "Finally, our measure of desirability synthesizes the dimensions of attractiveness of an intimate, social and symbolic nature, which are the strengths of exclusive brands, and characterize the particular relation that they maintain with their customers. In this respect, our Barometer synthesizes, in two proven scales, the numerous criteria to establish a ranking between the high-end brands from their customer’s point of view", states Pr. Philippe Jourdan, Promise’s CEO.

  • Don’t discount China’s appetite for luxury goods [#China #luxury #Gucci]

    The domestic Chinese market for luxury goods may be struggling, but investors shouldn’t discount the huge amount of high-end products Chinese tourists buy, as the forecast-beating results from Kering – owner of Gucci – testify.

    Luxury goods maker Kering gave the markets a pleasant surprise on Friday as earnings at its flagship Gucci luxury brand thrashed expectations and raised hopes of more good things to come as more new designs are set to be introduced this year.

    Gucci revenue advanced 4.8%, compared with the 1.5% growth analysts anticipated – the brand’s strongest result in three years. However, while the company reported that conditions in Hong Kong and Macau (China’s luxury market bellwethers) were still lacklustre, there is hope for the sector more broadly.

    The domestic Chinese market for luxury goods may be struggling, but investors shouldn’t discount the huge amount of high-end products Chinese tourists buy.

    Indeed, they spent $116.8 billion (£87 billion)) on luxury when abroad in 2015, according to China Daily.


  • [#luxe]- Classement des Marques de luxe Promise Consulting - BNP Exane - Exclusivité & Désirabilité - Chine 2015

    BAROMETRE PROMISE CONSULTING - BNP EXANE : "Exclusivité & Désirabilité" 2015

    Les Chinoises les plus fortunées classent les marques de Luxe dans l'univers de la Mode

    Extrait du Livre Blanc de l'étude "Exclusivité & Désirabilité - Chine 2015" menée par Promise Consuiting - BNP Exane auprès des femmes chinoises les plus fortunées dans l'univers de la Mode.


    Paris le 03 Novembre 2015 10:00 AM - En collaboration avec BNP Exane, un acteur majeur de la Finance de Marché en Europe, spécialiste reconnu de la recherche et de l'analyse sectorielle du marché du luxe, Promise Consulting, société de conseil et d'études en marketing, publie les résultats de la 2ème vague du Baromètre Promise Consulting - BNP Exane "Exclusivité & Désirabilité 2015". 

    Ce baromètre met en avant les 15 premières marques jugées les plus exclusives et les plus désirables en Chine dans l’univers de la Mode féminine. Ce Baromètre est établi auprès des femmes chinoises les plus fortunées et porte sur les 30 marques de prêt-à-porter, sacs, chaussures et accessoires dans l’univers du luxe qui ont le plus fortement investi en communication (Source : Industry Interviews, Exane Paribas). Promise Consulting et BNP Exane avaient conduit la même étude auprès des femmes Françaises au cours du mois de Mai 2015 (http://bit.ly/1ESTZGu).

    "Ce baromètre traduit notre volonté de rapprocher le Marketing et l'Analyse Sectorielle et Financière. Notre approche Monitoring Brand Assets® se révèle très complémentaire des analyses menées par les experts de BNP Exane : les résultats de notre baromètre commun, appréhendés selon deux angles différents, marketing et financier, apportent une valeur ajoutée unique aux dirigeants et aux décideurs dans le secteur du Luxe. Plus concrètement, notre mesure de l'exclusivité d'une marque prend en compte la qualité supérieure et constante des produits, la valorisation forte et unique du client, le prestige de la marque, mais également un savoir-faire inimité, qui justifient en retour un prix très élevé associé au grand luxe. Notre mesure de la désirabilité synthétise les dimensions de l'attractivité d'ordre intime, social et symbolique, qui sont la force des marques exclusives et caractérisent la relation particulière qu'elles entretiennent avec leur public. Notre Baromètre combine, au moyen de deux échelles, des critères nombreux permettant d'établir un classement des marques de luxe du point de vue de leurs clientes" déclare Pr Philippe Jourdan, CEO de Promise Consulting.



    • Hermès, 1ère marque sur le critère de grand luxe / exclusivité auprès des Chinoises fortunées.
    • En 2ème et 3ème position, Louis Vuitton et Chanel sont au coude-à-coude.
    • En 4ème et 5ème position, Prada et Dior ferment la marche des 5 marques les plus exclusives.


    • Chanel est la marque la plus désirable dans l'univers de la Mode en Chine.
    • En 2ème position, Hermès capitalise sur sa forte association au grand luxe.
    • Au coude-à-coude, Prada, Louis Vuitton et Dior complètent le top 5.
    • Burberry est la 6ème marque la plus désirable (9ème place en exclusivité).

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