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@Louis Vuitton Releases a Transportative New #Fragrance Line, Complete with Léa #Seydoux as Muse [#JaquesCavallier #perfumer #luxurious #exclusive #7scents #leather #woods]

Louis Vuitton Releases a Transportative New Fragrance Line, Complete with Léa Seydoux as Muse

By Jane Larkworthy+, 18-08-2016, wmagazine.com

It's been 70 years since storied label Louis Vuitton last put out a fragrance. Now they're back, and they've recruited perfume genius Jacques Cavallier, who created already game-changing scents as Issey Mikake’s L’eau d’Issey and Stella by Stella McCartney to revive the Louis Vuitton line with French actress Léa Seydoux as muse.

Interestingly, high fashion brands launch at least one or two fragrances per season and Louis Vuitton stayed out of the business for so long. But Louis Vuitton hired its first in-house perfumer Jaques Cavallier-Belletrud in 2012, who finished his lab in Grasse this year with 7 luxurious and exclusive scents; a collection entirely based on flowers.

“The philosophy of my creations are to celebrate femininity,” Cavallier explained at a recent presentation. “A lot of people ask me if I think of a very precise type of woman when I create a perfume, and I always say no. Every woman is different.” So different, in fact, that two of the scents lean rather far into the classic men’s arena with notes of leather and woods (Contre Moi and Matière Noire, respectively).


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