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  • #Promiseconsulting #Panel On The Web | Annonceurs, découvrez les coulisses de notre nouveau #site # panelistes

    Promise Consulting| Panel On The Web, pionnier des études en ligne depuis 2000, lance son nouveau site dédié à la gestion de sa communauté en ligne. 




    20 ans déjà que Panel On The Web, pionnier des études en ligne, a été créé.  Nous sommes fiers et heureux de vous annoncer le lancement de notre nouveau site panéliste dédié à notre communauté forte de plus de 150,000 panélistes en France (et de plusieurs millions dans le Monde). Plus ergonomique, plus simple, plus convivial,ce site est destiné à accompagner notre croissance.


    1ER ENGAGEMENT :  nous nous inscrivons dans le strict respect des centres d'intérêt de nos répondants, pour leur proposer des études qui les concernent. C'est le gage de taux de réponses élevés et d'une participation assidue.

    panel paneliste marketing etude online remuneration

    2EME ENGAGEMENT : à l'heure du digital mobile, nous sommes la seule plateforme d'études en ligne 100% Mobile et Auto-adaptative : chaque répondant est ainsi libre de répondre sur le support de son choix, PC, portable, tablette, Windows, Mac ou Android. Mieux encore, le design du questionnaire s'adapte automatiquement au média, pour une expérience de questionnaires en ligne 100% immersive. Depuis 2019, nous sommes également 100% compatible WeChat.

    panel paneliste marketing etude online remuneration

    3EME ENGAGEMENT : adhérent depuis 2000 à la charte Syntec et Esomar, nous sommes 100% RGDP. Nous garantissons à nos répondants un anonymat complet, le respect des données qui nous sont confiées, et la transparence sur l'utilisation de la data, qui n'est jamais utilisée à d'autres fins que l'étude marketing.

    panel paneliste marketing etude online remuneration

    En savoir plus : valerie.jourdan@promiseconsultinginc.com | +33 6 09 31 65 19

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  • [#PromiseConsulting] [#luxurylab] Despite Trade War, Ralph Lauren Gains Momentum in China

    Via Jingdaily, Avery Booker, September 13, 2019

    With only an eight-year official presence in mainland China — opening its first stores there in 2011 — Ralph Lauren is both a relative newcomer and a well-established brand among Chinese consumers. Having developed strong name recognition initially via trips to Hong Kong taken by mainland businesspeople and tourists in the 1980s and ‘90s, for the past two decades the brand has been hit hard by the counterfeit trade, with the Chinese market flooded with fake Polo shirts and knockoff brands.

    But a stronger on-the-ground presence, centered around its hundreds of stockists throughout Greater China along with its Ralph’s Coffee location in Hong Kong, and massive investment in digital marketing and e-commerce is showing signs of paying off. This week, it was reported that Asia remains the fastest-growing division for Ralph Lauren, with China accounting for the majority of the region’s growth.

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  • [#PromiseConsulting] [#luxurylab] Sillages Paris : « Le parfum est un exhausteur de vous »

    Témoignage de Maxime Garcia-Janin, fondateur de Sillage Paris, Journal du Luxe

    « Depuis des années, il est possible de se se faire livrer un vêtement, de l’essayer et de le renvoyer s’il ne vous convient pas. Pourquoi est-ce que ce principe, ce droit à l’erreur, ne s’appliquerait pas à la parfumerie ? ». C’est avec cette vision assumée que Maxime Garcia-Janin, Fondateur de Sillages Paris, nous accueille dans son nouvel atelier de la rue de Charonne.

    Niché au fond d’une cour classée, l’espace est lumineux, coloré et dévoile une installation inédite faite de fioles en suspension. Positionnées sur différents niveaux – en haut pour les notes de tête, au milieu pour celles de cœur, en bas pour celles de fond – ces dernières composent un orgue olfactif d’un nouveau genre. Ici, on sent, on teste, on déambule seul ou à plusieurs. Le tout accompagné d’un expert de la marque et d’une application dédiée, celle là même qui fait le succès de Sillages Paris depuis le lancement de son site internet en novembre 2017.

    « J’avais envie de proposer une expérience de Haute Parfumerie 3.0 qui soit à la fois inclusive, accessible, bâtie autour de produits de grande qualité et sans engagement ».

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    #luxury #new #parfum #innovation #perfume #fragrance #paris #business #tech #marketing #creative #design 

  • #Promiseconsulting Recherchons pour accompagner notre développement CE Juniors



    • Stagiaire pour une durée souhaitée de 3 mois minimum (universités ou écoles de commerce)
    • CDD ou CDI envisageables selon profil
    • Alternance ou année de césure également possibles
    • Licence ou Master 1 | Diplômé IUT
    • Localisation de la mission : 76-78 rue Saint Lazare – 75009 PARIS – M° Trinité ou Saint Lazare

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  • [LUXURY LAB][ECONOMY] | Build a #brand for #Millennials | @CITYA.M.

    FROM JEZ FRAMPTON | CITYA.M. | http://bit.ly/2vR6bLF

    #Build a brand for #millennials : The new challenge

     A brand is the most important asset a business can have. It is the only true, long term differentiator of a company, and without doubt it helps businesses change and grow. But although business owners know this is true, most are still neglecting the one thing that makes a successful brand: people. Brands start and finish with people. They begin on the inside, with humans, and are ultimately delivered on the outside, to humans. People are the pillars of a company that breathe life into businesses.

    Brands are not a tangible product – they are a human construct brought together by opinions, perspectives and experiences. These experiences are made up of interactions with the product, a company’s culture, its impact on the wider environment, and how it communicates. Each of these factors makes up a brand. And every touchpoint for a consumer or employee matters. It is only when these experiences are fully aligned with clear values and purpose that a brand can live to its full potential.

    People form opinions of companies in the same way that they form opinions of other people: it is an informed, emotional choice as to whether they like and trust you. Your company needs to have clear values and a meaningful purpose to allow people to make these decisions.

    This is even more crucial when aiming to get millennials engaged with your brand. Some might be tired of hearing about millennials’ needs, and the fact that they are more concerned with a business’ ethos and vision than their parents were. But this is the generation that companies must aspire to.

    This unique generation has found its voice and is not scared to use it. Look at the recent General Election, for example. Theresa May thought she was safe, but the millennials roared and swayed the result. They weren’t prepared to stand for something they didn’t believe in.

    Millennials want purpose, clarity and authenticity, and these are the qualities that must be instilled into a brand’s ethos if you want this and future generations to consider buying into your products. Millennials are the people that will champion your brand’s purpose – if you give them one.


  • Should #Luxury #Brands Be Excited About China’s Live-Streaming Frenzy? |@China @adetem @luxury

    JING DAILY | SUNDAY APRIL 09 2017 | 

    PHOTO CREDIT: Bulgari's brand ambassador Kris Wu showed viewers the brand's new watches during a live streaming event on Yizhibo last month.


    The live-streaming industry’s explosion in China has shown the world just how keen Chinese consumers are about broadcasting their daily life on social media. Official statistics from the China Internet Information Center indicate that the number of live-streaming viewers had reached 325 million by the end of June 2016 and the majority of them are young—facts that have significant implications for luxury brands in China targeting the country’s emerging wealthy, millennial consumers. While brands have many reasons to be optimistic about this new tool for reaching shoppers, live-streaming’s widespread reach in China means navigating it the smart way isn’t always easy.

    Huge viewership numbers seemingly point to a promising path for luxury brands to win over more customers. However, exaggerating the number of views is a common practice among China’s various live streaming platforms, as exposed by some well-known online hosts and Chinese media outlets. In 2015, state-run newspaper People’s Daily criticized one live-streaming show on Douyu, a major service provider, for claiming a broadcast exceeded 1.3 billion online viewers, which is almost equivalent to the total population in China. During that same year, a popular live-streaming host said publicly that the platform he worked for constantly faked viewership numbers in order to attract investment.

    Faking viewership is not difficult to do. There are numerous third-party tech companies that provide services to live-streaming hosts to add to their popularity, similar to the way in which Instagram and Weibo bloggers can buy followers. Taobao is one site that hosts shops that sell packages to people who want to ensure the popularity of their live-streaming sessions. The above image shows that by paying 1 RMB, the buyer can get 100 viewers. According to Chinese media reports, this grey market is quickly growing to meet increasing demand.

    Luxury brands in China should also keep in mind that the majority of live streaming viewers do not necessarily align with their target market. Though there are many different types of people who watch live streams, a general perception is that people who like it most are either diaosi, which is slang for “loser”, or tuhao, a term used to describe the “tacky,” nouveau riche, who are often associated with a penchant for live-gaming.


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