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  • #Luxe Pack Monaco will feature a new focus on digital #luxury [#fragrances #cosmetics #sustainability #luxepack]

    Luxe Pack Monaco will feature a new focus on digital luxury

    By Simon Pitman+, cosmeticsdesign-europe, 06-Jul-2016

    This year’s Luxe Pack Monaco event will feature a combination of highlighted show features from previous years, complete with a new focus on how to connect luxury through digital mediums.

    Connect to Luxury (C2L) is the name of the showcase for the 2016 event, which will take place on September 21st at the Grimaldi Forum in the center of Monaco. Specialized on conferences and exhibitions, the three-day event emphasizes on digital transformation, the latest creative approaches and the promotion of luxury products, including fragrances and cosmetics.


  • #Melanin synthesis discovery prompts hope of new #cosmetics applications [#melanin #skincare #cosmetics #anti-ageing #biotechnology #tryosinase #environmental technology]

    Melanin synthesis discovery prompts hope of new cosmetics applications

    By Simon Pitman+, cosmeticsdesign-europe, 07-Jul-2016

    New research that has deciphered the formation process for melanin could lead to further development of its use in a number of applications, including cosmetics.

    The article points out that melanin is well-known for falling into the categories: Anti-ageing, skin conditioning and tinting.
    However, through advanced biotechnology, researchers found the secret enzyme tryosinase, a core trigger in the synthesis process, which has an important impact on the development of cosmetics, medicine and environmental technology.


  • What is halal skin care and makeup, and what are the trends? [#skincare #makeup #beauty #cosmetics #halal #asia #middle east]

    What is halal skin care and makeup, and what are the trends?

    By Lucy Whitehouse +, cosmeticsdesign-europe, 06-Jul-2016

    Halal is becoming big business for the beauty industry globally, and particularly in Asia: a central focus for this week’s in-cosmetics Korea event, we take a closer look at the trend.

    Kunal Mahajan, project manager of Chemicals & Energy at Kline - top management consulting firm serving the Chemicals industry globally – explains in the article that “halal” can not only be associated with food and beverages, but that its denomination is equally appropriate for pharmaceuticals, personal care, skincare and hair care products.

    But what makes a product halal and why does “halal” become a trend in cosmetics?
    Mahajan outlines the answers in detail in his article: The key contributors to this trend is economics and the changing consumer lifestyle.

    According to Mahajan, top growth regions for halal products will be the Middle East and Asia, particularly South Asia and Southeast Asia.


  • Storytellers : quand #luxe s’allie à expérience #digitale augmentée [#storytelling #personnalisation #solutiondigitale #distribution #réalitéaugmentée]

    Storytellers : quand luxe s’allie à expérience digitale augmentée

    By Romain +, 30-juin-2016, Interviews, Journal du Luxe

    Le studio TakeOff est spécialisé dans le design graphique via le print, la production audiovisuelle et la production multimedia. La société propose désormais aux marques de luxe de retranscrire leur ADN à travers des coffrets hauts de gamme.

    Nous nous imprégnons de l’esprit du produit, de ses créateurs, de son histoire et des valeurs qu’il véhicule. Ensuite, nous matérialisons l’ensemble à travers un coffret et un contenu ultra personnalisé et qualitatif. De plus, nous proposons une solution digitale qui pourra apporter un aspect différenciant comparé à un coffret classique.

    Nous avons une expertise prouvée sur la réflexion, conception et fabrication d’Editions Collectors. Mais au-delà, nous apportons un savoir-faire unique concernant une nouvelle mécanique de distribution qui évite de surcharger les linéaires tout en incluant des innovations digitales telles que l’activation intelligente des réseaux, la réalité augmentée, les applications ou même l’holographie.

    La start-up « Storytellers » a exposé son idée au Salon du luxe Paris les 6 et 7 juillet 2016.


  • #Maserati séduit les chinois [#automobile #Chine #croissance #luxe @Maserati]

    Maserati séduit les chinois

    By Romain -29 juin 2016 – Journal du Luxe Business

    Maserati vend de plus en plus de voitures hautes de gamme en Chine.

    Le constructeur italien a connu une croissance significative sur le marché chinois depuis 2004. Son partenariat avec Poly Technologies semble avoir porté ses fruits. L’entreprise d’État en Chine a contribué à une stratégie permettant d’accroitre les ventes de Maserati.

    Résultat, le marché de l’automobile chinois est le deuxième plus important de Maserati. La forte demande a poussé le constructeur italien à construire son réseau de concessionnaires au sein de 40 villes chinoises à l’instar de Shangai, Shenzen ou Chengdu.

    Ainsi, Maserati a vu ses ventes augmenter de 150 % à hauteur de 9 400 modèles par rapport à 2014. Au niveau mondial, cette croissance s’est élevée à 137% sur la même période.

    Si le marché asiatique connait quelques réticences à l’égard des produits de luxe, cela ne semble pas se confirmer pour le segment de l’automobile.


  • Ethnic #skin care: the way forward or outmoded concept? [#skincare #beauty #anti-aging #ethnicity #China]

    Ethnic skin care: the way forward or outmoded concept?
    By DSM Nutritional Products, Ltd 16-Jun-2016, CosmeticsDesign-Europe.com

    Whilst the power of beautiful skin is undeniably universal, skin care needs vary widely from person to person. Men’s skin is not the same as women’s; younger skin has different needs than older skin. Skin may be dry or oily. And skin – the largest organ in the body – differs in another way: it comes in a beautiful range of tones which are visible links to our genetic and ethnic heritage.

    So what are the broader influences behind consumer choices when it comes to skin care products?

    Skin: an evolving story
    In many regions of the world – China being a case in point – the population is still fairly homogeneous and people may have quite specific skin care needs based on cultural as well as biological factors. DSM Consumer Insight researchers who went to that country found that definitions of beauty in China often differ widely from those cited in many Western countries. They also found that Chinese women had different anti-aging skin care priorities, tending to be less worried about wrinkles than about loss of skin elasticity, enlarged pores and uneven tone.

    For manufacturers of skin care products this presents both challenges and opportunities.
    A DSM Insights team that conducted a field study in Los Angeles and New York among mothers, daughters, aunts and friends obtained a myriad of rich insights into their notions regarding ethnicity and skin care. Many interviewees declared their opposition to the idea of categorizing people by ethnic group, believing that this simply isn't consistent with people's views of the world today, or their view of themselves.

    The take-away message from consumer insights is therefore that the need for multifunctional skin actives which work equally well for all skin tones and types is set to grow.
    In their study DSM investigated the global applicability of a peptide ingredient amongst three different ethnicities (Caucasian, Asian and African), whereby they discovered new cosmetic properties.

    • Multifunctional anti-ager for all skin tones
    • Visible reduction of the signs of aging and shiny skin
    • Improved skin smoothness and appearance resulting in younger-looking skin

    The peptide therefore has applications as a global anti-aging cream and serum, and as a skin beauty maximizer mask. It is China-listed.