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#Melanin synthesis discovery prompts hope of new #cosmetics applications [#melanin #skincare #cosmetics #anti-ageing #biotechnology #tryosinase #environmental technology]

Melanin synthesis discovery prompts hope of new cosmetics applications

By Simon Pitman+, cosmeticsdesign-europe, 07-Jul-2016

New research that has deciphered the formation process for melanin could lead to further development of its use in a number of applications, including cosmetics.

The article points out that melanin is well-known for falling into the categories: Anti-ageing, skin conditioning and tinting.
However, through advanced biotechnology, researchers found the secret enzyme tryosinase, a core trigger in the synthesis process, which has an important impact on the development of cosmetics, medicine and environmental technology.



  • Toujours utile de progresser dans le monde de l'anti-âge mais au bout du compte, on a toujours du mal à garder une bonne mécanique!

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