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[#luxury #brand #desirability]- Luxury and love, respond to the same logic.

Luxury and love, respond to the same logic.

A luxury brand has to arouse the desire, which inevitably calls for a sometimes long waiting for the long desired object. If the outcome of a loving quest sometimes kills the desire, a luxury brand, by permanently reinventing itself, creates the mechanisms to preserve the desire. It seemed important to us to measure the desirability of 15 big luxury brands stemming from our Barometer, especially as our model Monitoring Brand Assets® demonstrates that the desirability, as we measure it, is the main lever for growth of high-end brands in China and in the world. We bring our customers the key to make their brands more desirable because we are convinced that desirability is the stake for tomorrow’s big luxury brands (Philippe Jourdan).

  • To access to the results of our Chinese Barometer (extract) : http://bit.ly/1k7ayfv
  • To get full information about the survey : valerie.jourdan@promiseconsultinginc.com 

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