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  • #SKII: A Sucess Key (SK) issued from a traditional drink in Japan, #Saké and its craftman's fabrication [#storytelling @SKII @ProcterGamble]


    During a visit of a factory Saké in Kobe (Japan), Japanese scientists find that the hands of sake brewers, constantly immersed in sake yeast ferments during the manufacturing process, are incredibly soft and young, and contrast with their faces marked by old age.

    Discover in this eye-catching movie the story of Sucess Key of SKII, a Japanese skincare brand born in 1970.

    Click to watch the short video about the Saké brewers

    1970- Discover of the Pitera, the ingredient component of th SKII anti-ageing cream

    1990- SKII is bought by Procter & Gamble. This is the beginning of an incredible story with a sales development all over the World: Asia, Australia, Spain, UK, USA and South America.