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  • Marriage Market Takeover and #SKII: a lesson in #humanity and #optimism [@plaubignat @ygourven @SKII_ID #promiseconsultinginc #beauty]

    I discussed in a recent post the emotion I felt when I visualized the last campaign of the cosmetics brand SKII "Marriage Market Takeover".

    What is the "Marriage Market"? This is a place where parents show off their daughters who are over 25 years old so that they can find the true love. These young women are seen as a shame by the society and even among their own families as a married woman is the main insurance for grand-fathers and grand-mothers that they will be taken care of when they get retired (as pensions are still almost inexistent in China). The pejorative term exists to design them, "Sheng Nu" which might be translated by "Takeover Women".

    marriage, marriage market takeover, skII, SKII_ID

    Well, story could have ended up like this. But sometimes there are some miracles on the social networks. I was contacted by the person in charge of the digital communication of the brand following my initial post and I was adressed a very kind mail telling me more about the brand's objectives and above all about the destiny of these women deliberately highlighted in this short documentary that sparked a huge amount of attention and conversation online.

    For those of my followers that were also removed by this story and want to know more about the fate of these young women, discover three of their individual interviews below by clicking on their image and share it with relatives and friends. 

    [HU TING - 35 years - Procurement Department of a Pharmacuetical Company]

    marriage, marriage market takeover, skII, SKII_ID

    [ZHU LI - 36 years - Editor for a Magazine]

    marriage, marriage market takeover, skII, SKII_ID

    [WANG XIAO QI - 27 years - Teach acting in a Kindergarten]

    marriage, marriage market takeover, skII, SKII_ID

    Again, thank you for this initiative and for the supplied information and material. A beautiful illustration that the CSR is not a hollow concept when it comes to defending the cause of women around the world.