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  • #Bentley: "People don't like the idea of just talking to a hidden microphone". Home, James?

    Luxury car manufacturer Bentley has released designs of a concept car that features a holographic butler to service the needs of the occupants inside (pictured).

    It also features organic LED touchscreens built into the cars panels and sofa style seating with a table in the middle of the cabin

    Stefan Sielaff, Bentley's design director, told Car and Driver that the virtual bulter is one of the aspects it is working on to set its cars apart from others.

    He said: 'Luxury is always related to service. People don't like the idea of just talking to a hidden microphone, we are thinking of how to personalise the next generation of communication.'

    Mr Sielaff did not elaborate on what the virtual butler could be used for and Bentley has insisted the designs are not necessarily an intention of a definite product.

    However, he added that as cars become more autonomous, luxury customers may want to have their own private vehicle while others use shared cars.




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    Paris, September, 28th, 2014 – Paris Worldwide Motor Show 2014 will start on October 4th at Porte de Versailles, Paris. Here’s the occasion for the professionals on this sector to meet their public and potential buyers. While vehicle is old fashioned for some or a declining value for others, Promise Consulting, a marketing research and consulting company specialized in brand equity from the consumer’s point of view, has published some results from its survey about French people and their relation with vehicles. Far from being the usually described disenchantment, French people keep on having affection for vehicles, as displayed in the results below. 

    "What’s fascinating with vehicles, apart from the interest for brands and models, is how the relation between French people and cars is fed by the whole sociologic evolutions of our consumption. For several years, consumer has realized that energetic resources are not everlasting. By ranking hybrid / electric vehicles as their favorite model, French consumers are showing the way to constructors: they have to release brands and vehicles that both combine reason and passion, which is the new sense that ought to be given to “hybrid”. While France will have 7 millions of spots for car battery.... but not before 2030… it may be time to accelerate the rhythm of energetic transition. Consumer seems decided! The other surprise is that camping-car, despite rather being linked to the American culture, makes French people dream – both men and women. In those crisis times, French people still need evasion and free time! For young adults, passion is superior to reason, as they prefer cabriolets, prestige cars, full size SUV or executive cars. A positive for Paris Worldwide Motor Show 2014!” says Pr Philippe Jourdan, Promise / Panel On The Web, Partner-founder. 


    Electric / hybrid car is French people’s favorite model. To the question "without considering the model(s) of car(s) that you’ve owned, please select the 3 ones that you would most dream of, that you would like to own or even consider buying one day.",French adults rank hybrid / electric car on 1st position (26%). That leads to 2 conclusions for the brands who consider releasing that kind of vehicles:

    • French people are becoming "reasonable" preferring a durable technology to models that are more powerful (full size SUV like Porsche or Ferrari, GT or GTI) or prestigious (like Jaguar or Maserati).
    • They have changed their attitude towards electric vehicles. Often associated with money saving (usage), hybrid car hasn’t engendered any affect until now. Choice was led by reason, not passion. In a few cases, that choice was rather “ideological”: the will to choose an ecologic consumption, feeling concerned about environment and Earth. Now, this model is both subject to passion and reason.

    At the same time, electric / hybrid vehicle has considerably evolved. Some constructors only have a functional / utilitarian vision, but others like Tesla, Toyota, BMW and Porsche have realized that electric vehicle could also mean design, performance, or even exclusivity and high technologies both for models and motors. Today, does hybrid mean the association of reason and passion?

    Paris, automotive, salon, 2014

    Some nuances: electric / hybrid car is ranked 1st amongst men (30%) while women prefer city car (23%). Electric / hybrid car still has to seduce the youngest conductors (18-34 years old) who prefer luxury cars while hybrid / electric car is only ranked 7th amongst that sub target.   


    2nd surprise: camping car’s comeback. That vehicle is ranked 1rd on Promise Consulting’s ranking behind electric car and very close to executive car with 20% of French people who quoted it on their top 3 favorite models. At the same time, even for professionals, the camping car market stands correctly, capitalizing on the increasing interest for traveling independent holidays. Besides, France is the 1st European camping car market  as the fleet includes nearly 230.000 vehicles in France vs. 600.000 in Europe (in average: 17.000 sold vehicles per year, i.e. 47 camping cars per day in France). The leader on this market is Fiat. Meant for couples and family, camping car both seduces men (4th) and women (3rd). Still, while ranked 3rd by seniors (above 55 years old), camping car is behind more exotic/sporty vehicles (cabriolet, full size SUV) by the youngest (18-34). 


    French women’s favorite model is city car. 23% of them select city car amongst their 3 favorite vehicles, though the score for hybrid / electric vehicles is almost the same. City car is also more complete. Whether inspired by the retro look from the 1960’s or 1970’s (Austin or Fiat 500) or not, this car now includes many accessories for security, help or comfort. Besides, that car can be subject to customization, like Citroën’s C1, which seduces women. Last, city car doesn’t mean that performances are sacrificed (for instance: Seat Ibiza 5SC, Mazda2). 


    paris, automotive, salon, 2014



    paris, salon, automotive, 2014


    • Field’s support: Online Access Panel
    • Field’s period: From June 17th to July 1st, 2014
    • Interrogated target: national population amongst adult men and women from our Access Panel. The national representation is ensured on gender, age groups, PCS and geographical areas.
    • Sample’s size: 1.001 respondents
    • Studied models: 18 [4x4; break; cabriolet; convertible; camping car; familial cars/paces; pick-up; SUV; Sedan (Renault, Peugeot Nissan); executive car (Mercedes, BMW); full size SUV (Porsche, Ferrari, etc.); city car; grand tourer (GT, GTI); 1 seat car (ZOE for instance); 2 seats commercial car; vehicles with towed caravans; prestige car (Jaguar, Maserati, etc.); hybrid / electric car]. 


    The Promise Group is dedicated to consulting and marketing surveys. It includes the following companies: Promise Consulting Inc., JPL Consulting and Panel On The Web. Promise provides consulting and surveys services with a strong added value.

    Based in Paris, New-York and Casablanca, the Group conducts surveys and consulting services all around the world. The Group is allegedly known for its expertise in the measure of brand equity.

    Promise has developed innovative methodologies and methods that have been awarded 7 times over the last 10 years by the profession, both in France and abroad. The Group is consulted by the most important brands in luxury, cosmetics and selective distribution, especially concerning their development abroad or on their national market. Besides, the Group has the OPQCM and Social Media certifications.

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