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  • [#luxury]- Barometer of the Luxury brands - Promise Consulting - BNP Exane - Exclusivity & Desirability - China 2015



    Extract  of the Survey Report "Exclusivity & Desirability - China 2015"  conducted by Promise Consuiting - BNP Exane - Interview of the wealthiest chinese women about the luxury brands in fashion universe.


    Paris, November 3rd, 2015 10:00 AM – Promise Consulting, an acknowledged consulting and market research firm, joins forces with BNP Exane, a key actor of the financial market in Europe and a specialist in research and analyses on the European luxury sector, to publish the 2nd wave of the Promise - BNP Exane Barometer "Exclusivity & Desirability 2015". This barometer classifies the 15 most exclusive and desirable brands in China in the universe of feminine Fashion. This Barometer is conducted amongst the wealthiest Chinese women, and is about the 30 luxury brands in ready-to-wear/handbags/shoes/accessories that have invested the most in communication (source: Industry Interviews, Exane Paribas). Promise and BNP Exane already conducted the same survey amongst French women in May 2015 (http://bit.ly/1ESTZGu).

    ”This barometer in association with BNP Exane reflects our determination to move closer to the marketing and cross-section financial analysis. Our Monitoring Brand Assets® approach itself features very complementary analyzes with those conducted by BNP Exane’s experts. Hence, the obtained results from our joined barometer are based on two different angles of expertise, marketing and financial, which brings a unique added value to the managers and decision-makers in the Luxury sector. More concretely, our measure of the exclusivity of a brand takes into account the upper and more constant quality of products, the strong and unique valuation of the customer, the brand’s prestige, but also a matchless “savoir-faire” that justifies a very high price premium associated with top luxury. Finally, our measure of desirability synthesizes the dimensions of attractiveness of an intimate, social and symbolic nature, which are the strengths of exclusive brands, and characterize the particular relation that they maintain with their customers. In this respect, our Barometer synthesizes, in two proven scales, the numerous criteria to establish a ranking between the high-end brands from their customer’s point of view", states Pr. Philippe Jourdan, Promise’s CEO.


    • Hermes, 1st brand on the luxury / exclusivity criterion amongst the wealthiest Chinese women.
    • Respectively 2nd and 3rd, Louis Vuitton and Chanel are neck to neck.
    • Respectively 4th and 5th, Prada and Dior complete the ranking of the 5 most exclusive brands.


    • Chanel is the most desirable Fashion brand in China.
    • Ranked 2nd, Hermes capitalizes on its strong association with high luxury.
    • Prada, Louis Vuitton and Dior are neck and neck and complete the top 5.
    • Burberry is the 6th most desirable brand (ranked 9th on exclusivity).

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