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4.i- Transports - Page 2

  • [#LUXURYLAB] Embattled railway in rural #Japan area seeks luxury cars from near #Tokyo

    An embattled train operator in Hokkaido will allow a railway company based in Tokyo to run a luxury train on its tracks, possibly next year, in a bid to attract wealthy and foreign tourists, according to people familiar with the plan. Hokkaido Railway Co., more widely known as JR Hokkaido, and Tokyu Corp. are in talks about the operation of Tokyu's Royal Express on routes in the northernmost main island of Japan via @Kyodonews  http://bit.ly/2FXnHXp

  • #Promiseconsulting Recherchons pour accompagner notre développement CE Juniors



    • Stagiaire pour une durée souhaitée de 3 mois minimum (universités ou écoles de commerce)
    • CDD ou CDI envisageables selon profil
    • Alternance ou année de césure également possibles
    • Licence ou Master 1 | Diplômé IUT
    • Localisation de la mission : 76-78 rue Saint Lazare – 75009 PARIS – M° Trinité ou Saint Lazare

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  • [#Promiseconsulting] [#Luxurylab] Lexus has debuted its first-ever luxury yatch

    #Lxury car brand Aston Martin unveiled a luxury yacht, Aston Martin AM37, at the 2016 Monaco Yacht Show; Mercedes-Benz debuted a luxury yacht, Arrow460-GT, in February 2018 at the same superyacht event; and Bugatti has 66 limited-edition Bugatti Niniette luxury yachts for sale. Now, Lexus is entering the high-end boat business with a 65-foot luxury yacht, announced at a boat show in Yokohama, Japan, in March, and first revealed in 2016. The LY 650 yacht is scheduled to go on sale in the U.S. in 2019. https://cnb.cx/2IVAAzO

  • Sales for this luxury yacht maker are booming after #Brexit vote |#yatching #luxury @adetem

    CNBC |  |


    Princess Yachts, a luxury yacht maker based in Plymouth, U.K., said its retail sales rate had increased 25 percent over the past year, thanks largely to the decline in the British pound after the U.K. voted to leave the EU.

    "Brexit has given many of our customers to buy at a more favorable price in their local currency," Antony Sheriff, executive chairman of Princess Yachts told CNBC while at the Singapore Yacht Show. "But we don't count on that. We assume exchange rates at some point will even out."

    Princess Yachts says its production is entirely conducted in and around Plymouth, while competitors use a variety of global suppliers. The domestic production, coupled with the majority of its buyers being outside the U.K., has made for a beneficial combination. The pound is down about 17 percent against the dollar since the U.K. voted to leave the E.U.

    The majority of buyers of Princess Yachts come from Europe and the U.S., meaning the prices are now very attractive.

    According to the company, its yachts are now sold out through 2018, with some orders confirmed for 2019.

    Sheriff said the surge in sales actually began a few months prior to Brexit as a result of newly designed offerings, but it was then reinforced by currency moves.

    Recently, Article 50 was triggered in the U.K., which is the formal two-year process governing Britain's departure from the E.U.

    Still, a lot of uncertainty remains, which Sheriff said makes it challenging to navigate the business.

    "Nobody really knows how to plan for the future," he said. "If there's one thing that would be useful for the government is to give us some degree of certainty as to what the plan is on the Brexit side and some degree of certainty that border taxes will not distort the market."

  • @Rituals Cosmetics extends its standalone stores presence in European #airports | @PLshopdinefly #beauty #promiseconsulting-blog


    Rituals Cosmetics has opened a 44sqm landside store at Eindhoven Airport in partnership with Lagardère. The store is large enough to offer the full Rituals product range.

    Rituals opened two new standalone stores on 23 November – a 23sqm store in Vienna Airport’s Plaza operated in partnership with Welcome Trading, and a 44sqm landside store at Eindhoven Airport in partnership with Lagardère. The Vienna store offers all the brand’s best-selling products, while the Eindhoven store is large enough to offer the full Rituals product range.

    “These are both important new openings for us,” says Neil Ebbutt, Director Wholesale for Rituals. “It brings our portfolio of standalone airport stores to seven and reflects the commitment we have to investing in this channel with our own stores. Airports are without doubt one of the most important channels for us to showcase Rituals to an international audience. The fact that there are some great international retail operators to partner with also makes it that much easier to bring more Rituals standalone stores to airports. These stores also allow us to offer a much wider product range and we have over 400 in total, each one inspired by an ancient Eastern tradition to transform every day routines into more meaningful moments. They include body care, skin care, pure tea, scented candles and fragrance sticks.”

    The stores offer a lifestyle shopping experience, with passengers at Vienna and Eindhoven able to immerse themselves in the brand’s mantra – transform daily routines into meaningful rituals. On entering the store, travellers are offered herbal teas and the opportunity to experience the products through complimentary hand massages. Of course, the stores are currently stocked with a range of gift sets for Christmas.

  • Quelles sont les #marques les plus mentionnées sur les réseaux sociaux ? [#réseauxsociaux #socialmedia #digital #études #Amazon #Louis Vuitton #Chanel #Tiffany&Co. #Burberry #Prada]

    Quelles sont les marques les plus mentionnées sur les réseaux sociaux ?

    By Abc-Luxe, 2016-09-19

    Si l’on sait que les réseaux sociaux sont devenus ces dernières années un moyen privilégié pour les marques de faire parler d’elles, de recruter de nouveaux clients et d’interagir avec leurs communautés, Netbase s’intéresse aux enseignes les plus appréciées et les plus mentionnées sur Twitter, Facebook, Instagram et autres consorts.
    Pour réaliser son rapport, Netbase a étudié le nombre d’occurrences de 60 marques réparties selon 11 catégories, sur quelque 430 millions de posts sur les réseaux sociaux. Il apparaît ainsi que si tous secteurs confondus c’est Amazon qui occupe la tête du classement des marques les plus mentionnées, c’est Tiffany & Co. (14e place du classement général) qui se distingue comme la griffe ayant engendré le plus d’échanges "positifs et passionnés".
    Louis Vuitton se classe 1er de la catégorie Luxe et 4e du classement général, talonné par Chanel et Burberry, qui a multiplié les initiatives et actions digitales ces derniers mois. Prada se place en 5e position des marques Luxe et 16e position du classement général.

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